About Us

About Us

We exist to help better prepare you, your staff, volunteers, and family to survive violent encounters through digital and instructor-led active shooter training.

Barret Kendrick, the founder of Defender School, has been trusted by thousands of students over the last decade on how to prevent or be better prepared to protect themselves during violent encounters. Barret holds many instructor-level certifications, including multiple through nationally recognized active shooter response schools. He has worked with the employees, volunteers, and safety teams in places of worship, schools, and businesses on how to respond and increase chances of survival during an active killer event through a proactive approach.

After many years of educating and instructing individuals on how to be better prepared in violent encounters, we’ve launched Defender School through the inspiration of those who made a difference during an active killer event. In many of these types of incidents, the person hurting people was only stopped because a private citizen intervened. In an FBI study of active shooter events from 2000-2013, 66.9% of them “ended before police arrived and could engage the shooter, either because a citizen intervened, the shooter fled, or the shooter committed suicide or was killed by someone at the scene.” If we find ourselves in this type of event, our initial response could mean life or death.

With active shooter events on the rise, we will empower people with the knowledge and training through our blended learning model to help increase the chances of survival. We take your safety seriously!

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